Writing the Wrongs

If a blog is written in the woods and nobody reads it, does it still have a point?

Just to point out that I am not writing this in the woods but I’m trying to raise a question about the point of blogging and the point of writing in general.

Every day thousands of people get up, pick up a pen or sit in front of a computer and write down their thoughts or pour out a story but why?

From my own point of view, I like writing because I like playing with language and making funny phrases, even if I’m the only one who is laughing.

Long ago I realised that I didn’t need an audience to my “work” in order to write but, as you grow older and have other things going on in your life, it is easy to let writing slip.

After all, it doesn’t pay the bills (in most cases), it takes a considerable amount of time and has little tangible reward.

At various points in the past I’ve attempted to rekindle my affair with words by attending courses or attempting resolutions just like WriteandRun31.

But for some reason, this one has stuck.

In the past 22 days I have written 7194 words, that’s nearly a 7th of the length of a novel but with much, much less quality and even worse content but I’ve still enjoyed it.

The challenge of thinking of something new each day, especially after the toils of daily life, makes it rewarding too.

I’ve found myself with so many ideas that I’m now having to plan which subjects will fit into the remaining days of January.

I will keep writing afterwards but this has been the boost in the arm that I needed.

If a blog is written, that is already the point.

Day 23

Total words: 7498
Total miles: 116.8 (188.0k)



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