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Lately I’ve been having trouble with the internet. Or rather we haven’t been getting on.

I keep looking at other people enjoying it and thinking that I must be doing something wrong.

I get jealous when I see exotic escapes, secret adventures and clubs.

The only way forward might be counselling or if the worst gets to the worst, we may need to go our separate ways.

The problem is that although I like to think I am tech savvy and like gadgets, I just cannot get my head around browsing on the internet.

There is so much content on the worldwide web that I feel I cannot see the woods for the trees.

Browsing on the internet is as foreign a concept to me as going shopping for clothes.

I like to know what I need, where to get it, how much it is and get in and out of the shops as quick as humanely possible.

The thought of wandering around town trying things in the hope that you will find something you need seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. The same applies for whiling away hours on the internet trying to find something interesting.

Once I have gone on the BBC, the guardian and even sometimes buzzfeed, I’m out of ideas of where to go and what to see.

There is a lot of dross out there and there is also a lot of great stuff which is not intended for me or really of interest to me.

I’d love to give examples at this point but having not been able to find them, I can’t tell you about them.

Except for cats in bread. I saw that. Didn’t get it. And the Harlem Shake, Did like that.

Why do I care whether Justin Timberlake is hot or not? (he is not). What food should I be eating to lose weight and what exercise makes me look old? In the same way I wouldn’t shop in the army surplus store for a new suit, why would I even look at any of this?

As with clothes, I trust people with much more sense and far wiser than me to divine their wisdom before venturing out into the scary world of unplanned browsing.

What sites should I go to, what blogs should I read and what is happening now that I should know are all questions that people around me will recognise.

So now appealing directly to you…what sites should I go to? What blogs should I read? What is happening that I should know about?

Any answers gratefully accepted!

Day 22

Total words: 7194
Total miles: 115.2 (185.4k)



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