My X Factor style backstory

My name is Sam but before PICT0117_editedI started running, people used to call me Hurley.

In the autumn of 2003 I started University, didn’t particularly enjoy myself, drank too much wine, ate too much crap, grew my hair, grew a beard and my waistline grew too. I looked like I was modelling myself on the fat, hairy dude from Lost. Of all the cast from Lost, Hurley wasn’t the one I wanted to look like. So I started running.

The distance between lampposts at first. Then between groynes at the beach, then between piers.

I began to run around around parks, I finished a half marathon, struggled round the London Marathon then thought what was next. So I entered an ultramarathon!

I don’t go particulary fast but I can stagger on…

NDW100 FINISH 2016
The end of a 100 mile race – smiling on the inside…

Charity work

Royal Parks Ultra GOSHOver the years, my friends, family and colleagues have helped me raise an incredible £2,975.79 for Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children.

If you’d like to help out the children, please click on the donate button below or try this link GOSH

If you want to read about the superstars at GOSH, please have a look at this post.


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