Late night are meant for partying not running.

But tonight I found myself having to run at least 3 miles long after I would usually be getting ready for bed or planning for tomorrow.

The problem is, I’m not sure whether I am more tired or more awake than I was before.

I can still feel the adrenaline of a quick run through East London but now that I’ve settled down, my eyelids are already beginning to droop.

I’ve decided to forego the shower, pack my work stuff tomorrow morning and just get up earlier.

Unfortunately, I am also still terrible at getting up in the morning so will probably wake up late, have to skip the shower again, forget my stuff for work and generally be a mess.

I’m still glad I ran to keep my streak going but would’ve loved to have done it earlier so I wasn’t struggling to see the screen as I type this, so much has tiredness now crept in.

I’m turning off the lights and pulling up the duvet.

Late nights are for partying or sleeping, not running.


Day 19

Total Words: Not sure at the moment
Total Miles: 3 more than yesterday



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