On yer bike Son

Cross Training.

Apparently this is not going for a run just after you’ve had an argument.

Instead it appears that in the brief moments that I am not running or working, I should be doing something else like cycling or swimming to keep up the momentum and work different muscles.

So this morning I donned fluorescent trousers and an ugly helmet that made me look like a silver toadstool to face the rush hour on two wheels.

It honestly wasn’t a bad journey, mainly because at that time, nothing was moving very quickly and I was able to smugly slip between the cars and lorries on my little old bike.

But I don’t know if I’d describe it as fun or something I’d want to do again unless I have to.

I was frustrated by all sorts of things; being stuck at lights, being overtaken, not being overtaken, people on Boris Bikes thinking they were Chris Hoy and people on expensive racing bikes riding like Mary Poppins.

At least I was home first to get my hands on the remote control for the night. In a shared house, these things are important.

I’m also fed, watered, showered, changed and ready for tomorrow before 8pm so maybe there is a point to this cycle commute.

Not sure swimming to work in the Thames would be quite as fun.

Day 20

Total words: 5780
Total miles: 106.4 (171.2k)



3 thoughts on “On yer bike Son

  1. I started cycling last May mostly to save money on the way to and from work, but partly because I missed running. (knee injury during a half marathon put me off) I love cycling now it gives me space to think about my writing.
    Good luck with your writing.


    1. Thank you! I think I’d enjoy cycling more if there was a bit more space. If I think about anything other than the road and traffic I’m worried I’ll end up in a bad way!


  2. I think the damage done to your body by Leptospirosis would outweigh any fitness benefits derived from swimming in the Thames. Definitely keep your mouth closed and cover up any wounds :S


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