Lazy Sunday Afternoon

One of the best things about running is not running.

That may sound counter-intuitive but after having gone for a run, you have carte-blanche to do absolutely nothing at all.

Today, I was out running in London town (out to the Thames Barrier via Greenwich) for a couple of hours then, lay down on the sofa and watched back to back games of football, followed by Cruel Intentions (not my choice, the remote had been wrested from me) and two Stewart Lee DVDs.

During this time, the height of my efforts extended to donning my beloved compression gear, cooking a homemade pizza (well I added jalapenos) and asking anyone that would listen to make me a cup of tea.

What a brilliant day. I’m off to eat some crisps dipped in coleslaw.

Hope you had an equally wicked Sunday. And happy birthday to my little brother Jake.

Day 18

Total words: 5370
Total miles: 101.3 miles (163.0k)



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