It’s time…SDW100 2018

And so just like that, the South Downs Way 100 is just three days away.

805 miles, 50,338ft of elevation gained and nearly six whole days of running has come down to this.

I’m nearly 100 miles up on my mileage at the same time last year but more importantly, I am mentally prepared for the challenge, for the inevitable struggle and to fight straight through it.

Comparison StravistixI’ve completed a 100 before so I know I have what it takes, but last year, my heart and head really weren’t in it.

I couldn’t tell you why, I just had no motivation to run the extra 33 miles through the night to reach Eastbourne in over 24 hours.

I’d gone in with a binary mindset, even if I didn’t know it – sub 24 hours or bust.

On Sunday, I’ll be running round that track no matter what, even if it is one second under the cut off time but I’m obviously hoping for better.

This year I have a bumper crew too, some experienced, some not so much but all going out of their way to help me run further than is probably sensible.

When you’re going through a hard time, keep on going. You’ll get through it at some point and nearly always with help.

Now I just want to get the taper out of the way and start. I’ve been averaging 45 miles a week for the last 22 weeks, my legs don’t know what to do with all this rest.

Time to get on the pasta train, pack smart and light, and smash this thing out of the park.



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