Every April, Autism Jersey encourage the public to “Do Something Awesome for Autism”.

This could be abseiling down the dam at Val de la Mare or like today, walking the length of St. Ouens beach to “L’etacq and back” (L’etacq is the name for the area at the top of the beach).

St Ouens Rathbones So at 10am on a Sunday morning, around 100 people from all over the island along with kids and dogs set off for a beautiful morning stroll along the beach.

The clouds got gloomier but the weather held out and everyone thoroughly deserved their breakfast roll and cuppa back at base.

Charity work doesn’t have to be a marathon or climbing Kilimajaro, it can be done anywhere at anytime. Especially if there is food at the end!

“Be the change you want in the world”

For more information on Autism Jersey, check out their website http://www.autismjersey.org

St. Ouens beach

 St. Ouens beach Autism Jersey 

St. Ouens beach Autism Jersey  St. Ouens beach Autism Jersey St. Ouens beach Autism Jersey  St. Ouens beach Autism Jersey   


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