Why Write and Run?

The run part is easy – I like running; the writing bit is harder to explain.

For my sins, I work in the finance industry in the City of London.

It was never supposed to be like this but through a combination of me ignoring everything my university teachers taught and…well no that was it actually, the floods of journalistic jobs I was promised by the college careers advisor failed to arrive on my doorstep.

So despite having completed GCSEs, an A Level and a degree in English and loving words for as long as I could remember, I ended up working in a bank making sure the right amount of decimals were in the right place.

I met some great people and had some great times but could never shift the idea that maybe I should be doing something I actually liked.

It’s a strange concept and got stranger still when I was told that my newly forged excel-based data management career along with my appalling lack of effort in the classroom was not part of the job description for a highly paid travel writer for the Guardian.

Or at least I presume that’s what I would’ve been told if I had got close to an interview or even a rejection letter.

Instead, I remained in office looking out over all the other offices and wondering how to get out of the Square Mile.

The answer is, you can’t. Once you’re in you’re trapped FOR LIFE.

Not the happiest of endings but this is called Write and Run 31 so if I don’t post this in the next 23 minutes I will have failed.

Part 2 of this not so entertaining story will follow if the studios think there is enough money in it: “Why Write and Run: With a Vengeance”.

Day 12

Total words: 3431
Total miles: 64.0 (103k)



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