Write and Run and be Happy

Today I ran past the finish line of London Marathon on The Mall.

It reminded me of one of the happiest and most emotional moments of my life and actually began to tear up just thinking about turning that last corner from Birdcage Walk.

The sense of achievement is incomparable and I am jealous of all those who will tread the 26.2 miles from Greenwich in April including my housemate who has an excellent blog.

As I kept running though, I was reminded how much you can take for granted.

In Trafalgar Square, French flags were projected onto the National Portrait Gallery in tribute to those killed in Paris.

So this is a short post to say run, be happy and be thankful for everything you hold dear. See you tomorrow.

Day 11

Total words: 3130
Total miles: 60.5 (97.4k)



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