It’s time to make a change

One of the main benefits of running every single day is being able to eat nearly anything you want.

In the last three days I have consumed enough pasta to drown an Italian village along with snacking on peanut M&Ms, almond butter sandwiches, porridge and pudding of leftover chocolate ganache.

I am in carb heaven and have another couple of months to eat in a similar way.

It’s not all fun though.

As previously mentioned I need to start running in the morning so I have had to propose something drastic: moderation.

Yes, the dreaded “M” word.

With my pasta, I would normally open a bottle of red wine, have some while I cook, a glass while I eat and then one more as I relax on the sofa.

By that time, there is barely a glass left so I might as well finish off the bottle.

When my housemate’s are in, they would usually join in and just like that, I have drunk a bottle and a half of wine on a Wednesday night.

Now I like to consider myself a well trained, seasoned drinker but this does create problems.

Invariably I will then feel tired so slump into bed without getting ready for work tomorrow, I will sleep badly because of the bottle of Rioja swilling around my head and stomach and then wake up late with wine-stained lips, no ironed shirt and a fuzzy head.

If I’m lucky I will be able to jump on the tube to work (I usually walk), grab something to eat from Pret and arrive at my desk as the Bow Bells strike the ninth bell of nine.

Normally I’m a “go hard or go home” kinda guy so this is a pretty foreign concept but in a battle between running 100k and choosing only a glass with dinner or nothing at all, I know what I have to do.

My morning run, stretch or strength training is too important for a run of this length so in the words of Elton John, “it’s no sacrifice, no sacrifiiiiiiice, it’s no sacrifice at all”.

Day 6
Total words: 1,804
Total miles: 27.5



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