Mourning the Death of My Mornings

It’s been nearly two weeks since I had any reason to get up in the morning but that changes tomorrow.

The prospects of work and the real world have reared their ugly heads and I now have to contemplate the horrible truth; I need to start running in the morning before work.

To put this in perspective, mornings are my arch nemesis. I am a night owl of the highest order and need to force my body to bed at 1am or I would just stay up watching TV or playing Playstation.

On an average morning, my slumber is interrupted by up to three alarms with various snooze settings and different distances from my bed.

Despite the best laid plans, I wake up at the last possible second and stumble into work at 5 minutes to 9.

So how do I go from this to getting up at 6am and going for a 10k run in the freezing cold and then go to work?

Usually that would be a rhetorical question but in this case, I really need help. Please send help…

Day 4
Total words: 1,034
Total miles: 22.0



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