Short, sweet, windy and rainy!

Day 2 of Write and Run 31 and it was another freezing day of biblical intermittent showers in Glasgow.

The wind ripping along the Clyde bore through my limbs and rendered my fingers useless as I trotted along the North bank to the SECC, nicknamed “the armadillo”.

Luckily, the wind was against me on the way out and with me on the way back as I contemplated the hill of Blythswood Street again.

This has been my most feared and favourite part of running in Glasgow. A huge hill that starts tamely but ends in a ridiculous gradient.

The sense of dread with which I contemplate the slope from the bottom is nothing compared to the pain my lungs feel halfway up and then the relief/joy at the top.

Even better, it is all downhill from there to my hotel and the hot shower which slowly manages to thaw out my body.

I am looking forward to flatter routes in London when I head back tomorrow but will miss the challenge Glasgow, and its weather, has presented.

Day 2
Total words: 401
Total miles: 6.41



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