Happy New Year: Write and Run 31

New beginnings, hope and resolutions. That should be what today is about.

Instead, I have a headache and am lying in bed watching cartoons.

While looking at my phone trying to piece together last night, I came across an email from Matt Frazier, the No Meat Athlete, which got me thinking and ultimately moving.

The plan? To write and run every day for January 2015. Simple.

If not for the monumental hangover, the horrendous Glaswegian weather and gigantic fry-up I’d just consumed.

But as Mary Poppins finished and the rest of the gang headed out for a generic regal burger, the 31 day challenge came back into my head.

Especially as I would have to get going on one aspect while it was still light.

So I did it. Hat, thermals and long socks in addition to the usual running gear were nothing against the elements but I enjoyed the 2.5 mile run along the Clyde and up Blythswood Street, almost as much as the sense of satisfaction of actually doing some exercise.

And by writing this, I have now fulfilled the second part. Huzzah.

Now I am going to get a cup of tea and fall asleep. Same time, same place tomorrow and for the next 30 days.

Going to be a long and hopefully productive month.



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