View from the crew: My mum

The South Downs Way again – this time I will take my Crewing Notes seriously..Snickers, Pringles,Ribena,Cheese Rolls & Instructions

‘If I don’t drink, make me’ ‘If I don’t eat, make me’ If I want to stop, don’t let me’…’cos I realised that just turning up to shout encouragement isn’t always enough, but hadn’t realised why.

Seeing Sam’s smile as he came up the hill and saw us there holding a banner. was heartwarming, and I knew he’d make the 100.

Then again, at The Devils Dyke – flashing past us, this year in the light., well ahead of time.

Toby’s planning, with Vic and Jake covering the wee small hours meant Chris & I had four hours sleep and we had a delightful drive as the sun came up, to Eastbourne, where I wrapped myself in Tony’s ‘Scottish’ remembering that this time last year he was alive & I was telling him about the run – which, with binoculars you could have probably just made out a row of  running ants on the hills, from his lounge.

The hall at the end looked like a Homeless Shelter, with bodies strewn over the floor, there was the smell of bacon being cooked and we watched the runners limping in once they had finished.

‘There he is’ – I hope he never shaves off that beard, so much easier to spot at a distance!

The dance at the end, a triumphant look and big smile – I’m impressed with that boys’ determination.

Not sure I would have done anything differently, apart from making sure we were ahead of him , as we missed a couple of ‘run throughs’.


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