Super League Triathlon Jersey – One month to go

In just under a month, Jersey will witness an event the like of which it has never seen – Super League Triathlon.

The second outing of the newest to hit multisport promises to bring the world’s sporting elite to a small island in the English Channel.

The prospect of seeing Jonny Brownlee, Javier Gomez and Richard Murray among a packed field in the men’s race as well as GB start Non Stanford and Jodie Stimpson battling it out in the first women’s race of the series is mouthwatering. Add in local triathlon star Dan Halksworth, a global TV audience of over 300 million and it honestly can’t come quick enough.

It also got me thinking about another sporting event that took my imagination.

Five years ago this summer, I was in London taking part in arguably one of the greatest sporting event of all time.

I attended dressage, athletics, swimming, hockey, basketball, football and many, many more. I’m fairly sure I’m still paying off the debt I accrued through ballots, haggling and overseas sites of varying degrees of repute.

But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I loved every minute of it. It wasn’t just the events themselves or the positive feeling across the city, it was the inspiration.

Now, I am lucky enough to be welcoming another global sporting event to my backyard and I’m already inspired. My Strava cycling and swimming stats have suddenly shot up after lying dormant for so long.

It can only be a matter of time before I hit the “Enter now” button for my second ever triathlon.



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