I think I’ve seen enough…

“It’s getting hot in herrrrre, so take off all your clothes” so said noughties wordsmith and R&B superstar Nelly.

Public Service Announcement: Male runners of the world, this song was not aimed at you so please do not follow his advice.

At first glimpse of the flaming yellow ball of life and impending doom in the sky, it seems that way too many people are following the mantra of “sun’s out, gun’s out”.

Sometimes it’s not just the guns. It’s the gun rack or even the entire creepy backroom of guns ready for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Summer running attire should be t-shirt, shorts, socks and trainers. That’s it.

Sock and sleeve length may, in extreme circumstance, be modified to deal with heatwave conditions (above 20°C) or any unseasonal polar vortices (under 15°C).

Am I prudish for not wanting to see the bare, bouncing torso of a pale city worker on a lunchtime jog?

Even if you’re a bronzed, chiselled Adonis, it doesn’t mean that I particularly want to see it out while I dodge tourists and roadworks.

Dean Karnazes running

OK so there may be a hint of jealousy involved but gym gents, please keep your buff bodies to yourselves, the beach or other intimate occasions of which I will not be attending.

Even vests are a bit too much for most recreational runs?

I appreciate that racing vests can help shave seconds off your race time and generally add to the dream of looking like a 118-118 man but I don’t think it’s needed for a 30 minute trot along the Thames?

118118And don’t even get me started on short shorts.

Am I old-fashioned or, given that shorts and vests were ubiquitous in the 70s, new-fashioned?

Please could somebody confirm I’m not the only one that feels this way????


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