Run Off, Run On

Bus, run.

Tube, run.

Boat, run.

DLR, run.

A lot of people hate London because of its transport. I bloody love it.

You know you are a Londoner when you are annoyed at waiting any more than 5 minutes for any form of public transport.

When I go back to Southampton, waiting half an hour for a bus seems a lifetime compared to the multitude of options at my disposal.

This makes it so much easier to run to places and more importantly, get back from places.

Tonight, I ran to Bethnal Green and then got an infamous Boris Bike home.

boris bikes

On Saturday I’ll run out to Essex before jumping on a train home and then on Sunday another train/run/train/bus.

London is at the same time the worst place in the world to run; and the best*.

No matter where I run to, within 45 minutes I am sure to be close to home via hook, crook or…book??

The length of bus journey is phenomenal.


One side of the city to the other. North to South, East to West, vice versa and beyond. Wherever I end up there is likely to be a big red one just waiting for me.

The idea is to run everywhere but if I don’t make it or simply give up, it is always good to know that a friendly bus/tram/tube/train driver will be there to get me home.

*I have only really lived and run in Auckland, Southampton and London so probably not the best sample.

Day 28 (1 minute to go)

Total words: 9,170
Total miles: not sure, waiting for strava to SYNCCCCCC!



One thought on “Run Off, Run On

  1. I restarted my running days in london. Usually twickenham teddington richmond and the park mostly along the thames. London is a good city to run!


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