Compress Yourself

Spandex, allllllll Spandex.


If you couldn’t tell by the intro line and the picture above, my experiment with compression may have had a happy ending.

Now a day does not go by when I don’t where some kind of support mechanism on my lower body.

I have already purchased my second paid of calf guards, this time from 2XU for their funky colours, as I actually believe that the compression works.

Since wearing the Lycra wonders to work, my calves have been noticeably less sore the following day.

Again this could all be placebo but, I think it works.

I have even taken to sleeping in some Skins recovery tights which has led to some confused dreams/memories in the mornings after a dalliance with wine.

So in a totally non-scientific conclusion based on an ambiguous hypothesis, I will categorically say “I LOVE WEARING TIGHT LYCRA AND THE WAY IT MAKES MY BODY FEEL” and you should too.

Day 15

Total words: 4295
Total miles: 75.7 (121.8k)



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