Spandex and The City

Like thousands of male workers in The City before me, I am today heading to work with a dirty little secret.

Under my dark blue suit trousers, the close warmth of high denier black Lycra hugs my legs and slips unnoticed amongst the rain-sodden masses.

At this juncture, I’d like to point out that I am wearing this ensemble for purely athletic reasons.

My 110% Compression Calf Sleeves are designed to “kick start recovery after a tough workout helps prevent swelling and reduces the inflammation that leaves your muscles sore”.

The sleeves have pockets for ice packs but these were removed before I left the house to save from odd rustling noises lest my secret be revealed.

Scientifically, there is still no consensus on whether compression gear actually works but from a personal point of view, I would say it has helped me recover better.

Even if it is just a placebo effect, if buying some compression gear in the sales means even slightly less soreness after today’s morning run (yes, I did say morning), it’s got to be worth it.

If I am really brave, one day I might wear and tell you about the “knickers” I also bought.

Day 8

Total words: 2353
Total miles: 35.0



2 thoughts on “Spandex and The City

  1. Have always wondered if these worked. Despite the lack of scientific consensus, I may have to go grab a pair and wear them under my suit…


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